Personal Data I Collect

If you make an enquiry I will collect your Name, E-mail address and Phone number, so I can respond to any questions you may have. I treat this as confidential information and will never pass it on to anyone else unless you instruct me too.

If you make a booking your address will be collected so I can send out any necessary contracts and products purchased.

Where do I keep and store your personal data?

My website Wix (a GDPR compliment company) stores an automated contact list of all enquires that I receive. Only I have access to this information under a protected password. If your enquiry did not turn into a booking I will delete your details from the contacts list after 12 months. I will not hold any personal data on Wix for longer than necessary, some people book weddings 2-3 years in advance and I may need to look over the initial online enquiry sometime later. No spam E-mails, calls or texts will be made in this time.

All signed contracts are kept and stored in a file in my personal office at home. No one other than me has access to this information. I will keep all contracts for up to three years after the agreement has passed. If you would like a copy of your contract please contact me and I will arrange this for you.

Online photo albums

All images are stored and delivered by a secure online password protected gallery. I will never share your albums with anyone unless you request me to do so. Only you have access to the personal password.

In long and short I am a normal person who takes personal data very seriously. I will not spam you with unwanted calls and Emails as I have a busy life myself. I would love to show your images to potential clients but if you would rather keep them privet then simply opt out and I will keep them private. My Mac has an up to date virus protection along with password protection to stop any unwanted attackers accessing the information I have stored in it. My house is always locked and my files stored correctly.

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